Dr.Gupta is a trust worthy and knowledgeable dentist. Today was my first appointment with her and I’ve never felt so comfortable with Dentist as I did with Dr. Gupta. She took her time checking my teeth and gums and explained everything to me thoroughly. Plus her office is cozy and welcoming.

    A Loweth,
    - Patient review from Google  |  2024
  • My family and myself have been visiting Dr. Gupta, since the year 2005 until present. Always very professional and accurate with the diagnostics and solutions she provided.

    D Ludal,
    - Patient review from Google  |  2024
  • Dr. Gupta is great, I always have such a pleasant experience when going for my cleanings and other dental work.

    - Patient review from Google  |  2024
  • Honestly the best dental experience I ever had. Office is clean and professional. The Doctor was fantastic. 10/10

    - Patient review from Google  |  2023
  • Being in hospitality for over 20 years, I can say from the moment I walked in I felt I was taken care of! Dr. Gupta and her team are professionals, thorough and always have a smile.
    I had a dental procedure ( basically braces) done in Ecuador. This was a personal choice as it gave me a reason to fly more often to visit my family. I was so busy at work, I couldn’t make time or was unable to catch a flight. I called Dr. Gupta, explained her my situation and she immediately decided to treat me! She did it twice. My next visit was to remove my upper braces with the approval of my dentist back in Ecuador. Her dental assistant basically spoke to her in Spanish and acted as an interpreter. AMAZING! She will definitely be my Go- To Dentist here in the states.
    Thank you and wishing your team much success!

    - Patient review from Google  |  2023
  • Everyone in the office is friendly and welcoming, and they truly listen and attend to what you need! Dr. Gupta is great, very efficient and very thorough!

    - Patient review from Google  |  2023
  • The best. Kind. Attentive. Gentle. Explains everything. Up front about procedure and what to expect. So happy.

    - Patient review from Google  |  2021
  • Doctor Gupta and the entire Essential Dental Staff is the real deal. From the front desk to the entire process, my experience was handled with authentic care. This is coming from a person that has a dental phobia, created by a bad, young adult dental experience. which led to criminal charges of that practice. Dr. Gupta, spotted my dental anxiety right away, and offered all the options that would make my experience go exactly how it went on June, 2 2019, Absolutely, flawless and more importantly with the skills of a professional along with the TLC of the entire Essential Dental Family. If you or someone you know has a Dental phobia, while nothing is guaranteed, I am certain that you will echo the same thoughts my review is indicating on this post, and will not regret coming to Essential Dental - They are the real deal!

    - Patient review from Google  |  2021
  • I’ve attended Essential Dental for a few years. It’s close to home. Very clean and comfortable environment . Exceptional Service. Everyone is respectful & professional. The assistants are well trained. I use to always hate going to the dentist but since I started coming here I don’t mind at all. She’s the best dentist in my book. She’s very educated and she takes her work seriously. During my visits I would try to listen and understand the “dentist language” I called it in my head lol when she spoke to her assistants. Of course I could only understand minimal of what she was saying. I was so impressed with her knowledge. I’ve stopped going for a while and came back and I was treated like I never left. Such a warm approach from Dr. Gupta. She doesn’t just treat you as patient but like a friend as well. She shows concern for your well being. Shes gentle. She’s warm and personable. She has been a great help to me and I’m grateful. In these hard times you need a place like Essential Dental that’s going to welcome you with open arms. I would highly recommend her service to anyone.

    - Patient review from Google  |  2021
  • My child went to see Dr. Gupta for a cavity. The experience was phenomenal from the front desk to fixing the cavity itself. Dr.Gupta was so gentle with my little one, and talked her through the whole experience. Due to her gentle care my little one didn't cry once. I would recommend this dentist office for both adults and kids. Dr. Gupta is a great dentist. Definitely going back.

    - Patient review from Google  |  2020
  • Dr. Gupta did an extraction for my 8 year old daughter. My daughter had a lot of fear of dentists due to terrible previous experience. However, my daughter's perception of dentist changed after meeting Dr. Gupta. Dr. Gupta was so kind and trustworthy to my daughter. She explained about the extraction in depth and assured my daughter during the procedure to calm her nerves. My daughter was relieved of the infection after the extraction. Dr. Gupta is our family dentist. There is no price for an honest and kind Dentist in this day and age.

    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  07/09/2015
  • I have been a patient of Dr Gupta's for about 8 years. When she opened her practice in Little neck a few years ago, I followed her and continued to see her even though I live in Manhattan and have to take a train and a taxi to reach her office. But her service is worth the trip. She is not only skillful but has excellent chair side manner. I recently had a problem with cavities and she was able to see me the same day and take care of the problem quickly and efficiently. I have referred friends to her and they have all been very satisfied with their treatments.

    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  07/06/2015
    I have been coming to Dr. Gupta for 3 years. Prior to that, I had terrible times with dentists. Dr. Gupta was teh first person that made me feel better and took the time to explain what was going on in a way that I could understand. I never felt cheated nor ignored which I have felt many times at other dentists. I saw that she had a familiar relationship with many of her other patients. I felt like it was a family atmosphere. Everyone has a great sense of humor and take the time to get to know you. At the same time everything was very professional and on time. I never had to wait. I saw that recently she even did a free community health fair for the neighborhood. I saw that she was featured on TV. I wish I had found her years ago. I hightly recommend her.

    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com |  07/02/2015
    As a new patient, I was very happy with Dr. Gupta. Her staff is very courteous. Nice young ladies. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to my next visit.

    - Patient review from Demandforce  |  09/27/2014
  • We have been seening Dr. Gupta for many years. She is phenomenal at her craft and has a wonderful chairside manner. Dr. Gupta really explains what procedures she is performing and answers questions thoroughly. I highly reccomend her for all family members.

    Marilyn & Leslie,
    - Patient review from Demandforce  |  08/27/2014
  • Very courteous and caring staff. The procedure for my 7 year old was done with utmost care and she had minimal pain. Highly recommend Dr. Gupta!

    - Patient review from Demandforce  |  06/29/2014
  • An efficient and firendly dental office. The dentist explains to the patient the check-up, cleaning and any procedures they were proposed and completed.

    Daniel H.,
    - Patient review from Demandforce  |  06/28/2014
  • I wasn't expecting to get any work done when I went in to accompany my son for his cleaning. I have been putting my visits off for a year, when this Dr came out and just put me at complete ease! I not only had a cleaning, I had a filling and my wistom tooth Removed! No pain!!!! She gave me a shot and a little gas and I was just fine. My face is not swollen and very to little soreness. Took 2 Motrins and I'm good til my next cleaning. Everyone there is gentle sweet and very kind and patient. Thank you Dr Deepti!

    Gertrudis F.,
    - Patient review from Demandforce  |  05/30/2014
  • Dr. Gupta and the staff in the office are excellent. I recommend Essential Dental to everyone.

    Ani Y.,
    - Patient review from Demandforce  |  05/09/2014
  • Great caring doctor, informative, comfortable setting.

    Frieda S.,
    - Patient review from Demandforce  |  04/19/2014
  • Good, professional, friendly.

    - Patient review from Demandforce  |  04/04/2014
  • My experience was very good. I needed a root canal, her prices were more than reasonable. They were the best I've seen in a long time. I thought the procedure would be painful but it was virtually pain free. I would definitely recommend this office.

    Marc P.,
    - Patient review from Demandforce  |  01/24/2014
  • Words can not begin to explain how happy I am with the treatment I had done with Dr. Gupta. She is such a honorable, reliable, and honest person as well as dentist. My experience with her was absolutely incredible. She has put all of my past dentists to shame, and I am sad I didn't discover her before. I look forward to recommending her to all of my family as well as friends. To date, she is the only dentist who was able to notify me of the exact problems I have been dealing with all my life. The amount of knowledge she gave me today is incomparable to any others. All of my questions were answered promptly, and I left the office with cleaner teeth, a needed fill in, as well as vast amounts of knowledge that I was missing for years. I will definitely return only to Dr. Gupta, and would recommend her to everybody. Thank you so much Dr. Gupta for your service. It was so greatly appreciated.
    About Hygienist: The hygienist was very nice, and did everything in a timely manner. I was pleased to meet her.

    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  12/31/2013
  • I'm not in the habit of commending a dentist, but Dr. Gupta was considerate, intelligent and more straight forward than ANY dentist I have ever encountered. Definitely recommended!
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  12/31/2013
  • I would highly recommend Essential dental! The staff are very friendly, and Dr.Gupta is a very good dentist. I got my teeth whiten, cleaned, filling done and going to get my crown soon. They are professional and even willing to give me a discount on one of the procedures! For once I am looking forward to the dentist!!! haha

    Sincerely, Allen - Flushing, NY
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  4/10/2012
  • Dr. Gupta is extremely informative and takes the time to diagnose and identify all problems as well as explain them to me as a patient. She did the cleaning that I was there for and took additional time to go over my treatment plan thoroughly, with several options, according to my insurance. I had yet to choose an option, yet she called me as a follow-up to find out whether I had made a decision. Since then, I have followed up with her and we concluded on a treatment plan together. We have been following that plan and I have been extremely happy with the results. In addition, her staff is extremely kind, informative, and accomodating. I felt like I was with family.
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  2/11/2012
  • My experience with Dr Gupta was nothing short of great. She provides pinpoint recommendations that she has implemented to produce favorable results. One major issue i had was with bad breath. Rather than recommending normal scaling like my previous dentist had done, Dr Gupta identified the source as being a gum infection and treated it. After four months the condition cleared and has been non-existent for the last 6 months.
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  1/30/2012
  • Dr Gupta is a great dentist. She knows her stuff! I initially went to take care of simple stuff and she identified problem I have or will have. I chose not to get a surgery done and she warned me what would happen...well a few months later everything she said would happen did, because I didn't take her advice. When I did get the surgery after that incident, she did a surgical tooth extraction, which I was super nervous about, but after the nova cane wore off, surprisingly there was no pain! Dr. Gupta did amazing work and is extremely knowledgable and patient with me! I recommend her work to everyone !
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  1/10/2012
  • I initially went to this practice because I could get there easily. When Dr. Gupta took over I was overwhelmed by her skills. She handled an abscess, gave me a periodontal check-up, and suggested some bonding which would eliminate some tooth sensitivity, which was done - all at a reasonable cost. Dr. Gupta was also immediately available to me on a weekend when I had an emergency. Her staff is very friendly and I would absolutely recommend this practice to others
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  11/15/2011
  • I was extremely nervous about this appointment but the doctor and staff put me to ease. They were all very polite and kind. I highly recommend this dentist for any who procrastinate going for a checkup. It was painless and quick
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  10/28/2011
  • I have used Dr. Gupta as my primary dentist and I have gotten cleanings and cavities filled. You wouldn't believe me but I was deathly afraid of going to the dentist my whole life and successfully avoided it. I finally went and it was so great for many reasons. I had no pain, great service where I wasn't made to feel bad for not going regularly, I was treated as a colleague and got some great advice about preventing disease. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gupta to those of you that are scared of the dentist.

    About Hygienist: Dr. Gupta is professional, serious about her trade, extremely funny and really personable. She cares about you! She teaches you while she works with you. You feel empowered and you feel like you have a partner who is invested in your good health!
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  10/13/2011
  • i was very happy with results.i had xrays,cleaning,and one fulling.fulling was pain free.dr gupta also got to the bottom of a tooth i had some pain in .after dr gupta took a bunch of teast she felt it was under lining and she gave me a prescription for amoxicillin 500 mg.take one cap for seven days.the results were right on the money pain went away .first time i went to dr gupta.also dr gupta performed the cleaning i felt it was one of the best cleanings i ever had,also pain free.iam very pleased with dr gopta i felt at home from the very start.i will recomend dr gupta to my friends.
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  9/22/2011
  • I have had very good experiences with dr gupta over the past 5 yrs. she is always professional and friendly, and explains procedures and treatment plans very well. she has done cleanings, fillings, and a crown that i am very happy with. i plan to continue seeing her as long as she is in practice and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good dentist.
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  7/06/2011
  • I have been her patient for as long as she has been practicing and will continue to be her patient for as long as she practices. You need to give her a shot to know what a dentist should be like. You will never go back to any other dentist once receiving treatment from her.
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  7/03/2011
  • My recent visit to Dr. Gupta's dental practice was nothing like a typical dental/medical office visit. We were seen exactly at the time, the appointment was - no wait, really. The doctor took the time to explain everything in detail and was very patient with both myself and my sons 7, and 10. Dr. Gupta is a dentist who really seems to care about her work unlike many other dentists i have seen over the years for whom the practice is just a business. I would highly recommend her.
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  6/30/2011
  • Regular check ups and treatments. She is the best and very gentle. My previous dentist retired and Dr. Gupta was gracious to take me on as a new patient without any hassle! I recommend her highly
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  6/30/2011
  • Regular check ups and treatments. She is the best and very gentle. My previous dentist retired and Dr. Gupta was gracious to take me on as a new patient without any hassle! I recommend her highly
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  6/30/2011
  • Regular check ups and treatments. She is the best and very gentle. My previous dentist retired and Dr. Gupta was gracious to take me on as a new patient without any hassle! I recommend her highly
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  6/30/2011
  • LOVE this dentist, the office is clean and cozy. Very personal and excellent service! Dr. Gupta is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and gentle. Her rates are very reasonable and you get 5 star treatment. I would highly reccomend this office.
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  6/30/2011
  • Dr. Gupta is a consummate professional. Each time I was in the dreaded dentist's chair my worries were quickly soothed away by her calming tone and professionalism. I am particularly impressed by the way she goes above and beyond for her patients. When I was in the process of fixing my teeth with Invisalign, she researched and presented a dental procedure to help me eliminate a lingering problem that Invisalign treatment couldn't fix. For these reasons I expect to keep returning to Dr. Gupta for a long time.
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  6/30/2011
  • There is no doubt that I would - and do! - refer many of my colleagues, family and friends to Dr. Gupta. Her expertise and ability to gently explain and perform necessary procedures is unmatched (and I should know, considering a long standing history with dentists!). Now that I have been blessed by meeting her, my endless search for a competent, knowledgeable, and communicative dentist has finally ended. She makes going to the dentist a positive experience.
    - Patient review from DR.Oogle.com  |  6/27/2011

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